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About Us -

Our story goes back to days of my grandfather working from home in a soviet Armenia. After moving his family to Los Angeles in 1974, he continued to work as a jewelry designer to provide for his family. My father followed his footsteps. Through a few short years of apprenticeship he was more than ready to set a family business.


1979 was the year they started but it didn’t take long for him to be known in the jewelry manufacturing industry. He put so much effort and time into his work; his meticulous taste in quality earned him a reputation as a respected jeweler. Naturally, I grew up watching his every move, only to feel accomplished when I got to take over the family business. Like my father, I have invested my heart and soul into the company and only wish for it to grow more. With advancing technology and social networking taking over modern times, I have set to take our family legacy, quality and art to a forum available to all. Hope you like it!

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