Valentine’s Day can be a tough one to pull off year after year. There is all this pressure to express just how important someone is to you, and that can be very stressful. So, we want to take some of that weight off your shoulders with these Valentine’s Day planning tips.

Plan Ahead

This should go without saying, but do not wait until the last minute to plan something, no matter how busy you are. Hotels get booked and restaurants fill up quickly. Figure out where you want to go and make the reservation now. Planning ahead is not just about reserving your space, but showing the person you care about him or her. It shows that this person is on your mind and you care about their happiness. People make time for the those who matter to them.

Pay Attention

If your significant other tells you (or hints at) what he or she wants to do, then go with it. This takes some of the pressure off of you to come up with something all on your own, and by all means, plan the activities together.

I’d Like The Usual...NOT

If you and your significant other have a Valentine’s Day tradition, by all means, stick with it. Traditions are important. However, if you do not have a Valentine’s Day tradition, go with something extraordinary. Going to dinner? Pick someplace special that you have not been to in a while or is a completely new place altogether. NOTE: This does not mean it has to be ridiculously expensive, but as with most things, you get what you pay for. Taking a trip? Go someplace new or splurge a bit on a suite, a show, a couple’s spa package, and so on. Spend some quality time together. If you’re both outdoorsy, how about a camping trip?

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Valentine’s Day is also about a gift...not necessarily the things you buy or the places you go, but the gift of sharing your life with someone, for two months or two decades. Every once in a while, we like to express this with tangible gifts. Now, we’re rather partial to jewelry ourselves, but it all depends on what your significant other likes. Our advice, whatever you decide? Make it stand out. Make it special. And if you want some ideas, we’re just a click away...